Sunday, October 09, 2005

INTERNATIONAL ASSAULT: AJ Styles + Christopher Daniels = "Perfect"

10/7 Sydney (International Assault - 1200+): TNT b Super Dragon & Frankie Kazarian, Samoa Joe b Test, Nathan Jones b Mark Hilton, Christopher Daniels b AJ Styles, Gail Kim b Nidia, Team 3D b Lee Starr & Jesus Aguilera, World Series Wrestling heavyweight championship: Rhino b Jeff Jarrett

COMMENTS: Crowd was pathetically small but very heated. There had been virtually no advertising for this show, so I'm amazed they even got 1200. Jeremy Borash was filming everything at ringside. Supposedly, there'll also be a "limited-edition" DVD release of all three cards (Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle). It was a very smart crowd on the whole. For example, the fans cheered for Test (called that by announcer Dave Penzer) when he came out, but then went nuts for Samoa Joe and did all the chants we've heard on ROH tapes. Joe seemed quite bemused by this. Penzer informed us before the card started that Mick Foley wouldn't be there due to contractual obligations. He was very courteous although most of the fans weren't. TNT (promoter and chief wrestler of Sydney fed AWF) won the opening spotfest. Dragon and Kazarian were over, but I suspect the win went to TNT as a reward - AWF was heavily involved in supplying wrestlers on the night and I think they may have supplied their ring as well. Fans (including myself) were irate when Test worked a fake knee injury and we all thought they were going home early about two minutes in. Thankfully, the match went on and Joe scored the tap-out win (although Test had a visionary pin after a big boot following a ref bump). Joe did as good a job as possible with Test and even threw in a few face-washes. AWF wrestler Hilton bumped like crazy for two minutes to make Jones look like a monster. Jones won with a chokeslam. It was what it was. Daniels and Styles were awesome. A friend of mine described the match as "perfect" and it was. These guys were seamless. They started out with some comedy from Daniels at the beginning and chain wrestling before going to the crazy dives and big moves. Daniels won after 20+ minutes with The Last Rites to even up their best-of-three-match series at 1-1. After intermission, the crowd shit all over the women's match. Nidia heeded my calls to "Stall! Stall!" and did so for several minutes. Match picked up slightly near the end with a snap suplex from Nidia, some hard chops from both girls and a nice lucha submission by Gail at the end. But this was a pretty horrible contest. Team 3D beat Melbourne wrestler Lee Starr (replacing Lobo who was in the arena, so I suspect he must be pretty banged up from Wednesday night's card in Melbourne) and Jesus in probably the most entertaining match of the night. 3D were super-over and they know how to do all the little things to get the crowd pumped up. Starr and Jesus got in a fair bit of offence in the middle part of the bout before 3D took over again and won after powerbombing Starr through a table off the top rope. Lots of fun. Jarrett and Rhino had a hard time following the previous bout as the crowd was a bit burned out. Jarrett insulted the fans on the mike. Rhino then insulted Jarrett. They brawled into the crowd for a bit. Once they returned to the ring there was a ref bump but as Jarrett went to use his guitar, it was taken away by a second ref. Distracted, he walked into Rhino's gore for the pin. Rhino told us afterwards that it was his 30th birthday and he received a nice pop. Overall, this was a bloody good card. It's a shame more people didn’t see it. AJ and Daniels were simply amazing while Team 3D showed me why Vince was crazy to let them go.


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Great show. Was hoping someone does something similar again

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