Sunday, April 29, 2007

UWA, Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL, April 28

Crsm dives onto his opponents at Sunday's UWA card

DESPITE a disappointing crowd of around 80 people, the UWA put on another entertaining card today.
Going through the bouts in order:
Will Phoenix b Mexicutioner: The rotund Aja Kong lookalike from UWF made his UWA debut and looked okay with one of Australia's finest workers. Nothing particularly wrong with the match, but it always seemed obvious Will was going over. Mexi would make a great comedy mid-carder, in my opinion.
FATAL FOUR-WAY: Dean Draven b Crsm (with Sebastian Fabuloso), Dementor & Chris "Iron Horse" Kay: Kay is new but shows promise. Dementor is always solid and Draven is possibly the best Chris Benoit impersonator in Australia today (and that's not an insult, by the way). The highlights of the match:
* Sebastian introducing "Crsm Juice" to the crowd. I got my very own free bottle and it tastes like...MEN. Nah.....just's tastes like aloe vera juice. Sadly, the bastard RSL staff threw away my bottle while I wasn't looking, so I lost my little souvenir :(
* Crsm's over-the-top rope flip on the other three wrestlers (see above), AND
* Crsm having the living shit knocked out of him after receiving an exploder suplex (is that the right technical term for it?) from Draven. Crsm was legitimately knocked silly by that move.
Somehow, Dean - who was the face going into this match as it was his UWA "return" after some unhappy experiences with the AWF - turned himself heel in the after-match interview.

Iron Horse wails on Dementor

Salem b Big J: Apart from J botching the ending somewhat by standing on the top rope way too long while waiting to take Salem's big finishing move, this was a good match. Almost a squash to be honest, as Salem beat the hell out of his opponent. The fans really, really hate Salem (which is the sign of a great heel). I heard one woman who was upset and complaining to her brother (a wrestler) that Salem had used awful language to a fan (he called her "a trollop"). Her brother rolled his eyes and explained to her that it was all a work. Ya gotta love pro wrestling. :P
Shane Steele b Wayne "Punisher" Pickford: A real upset here by the UWF newcomer who went hold for hold with the savvy ring veteran and scored the roll-up pin while Pickford attempted a figure-four leglock. Nice technical bout and a surprise ending.
Johnny Rage b Troy The Boy: Make that TWO surprise endings for the show. Troy's finisher is the superkick. So imagine my shock when rookie Rage pinned Troy with...a superkick. Hmmm...I smell a feud here. Good match - Rage has a lotta potential.
UWA Ultimate Title: Jass b H8red & Devlin DeSkyes (with Discord): Normally, I'm not a big fan of triple threat matches, especially as I was keen to see Devlin and Salem face Redrum for the tag team titles instead. Still, you can't go wrong with these three blokes in the ring. A fun, action-packed main event. I ain't complaining.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon and it was great to again catch up with the likes of Sandy, Bec, Nic, Sarah, Fozz, Ed, Jass, Seb and Lofty (who is a living encyclopaedia of Aussie wrestling history...someone needs to interview him ASAP!).

If you wanna know more about the UWA, head to their web site at


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