Monday, June 11, 2007

DVD REVIEW: Wrestlemaniac

El Mascarado takes his wrestling VERY seriously

film buffs, rasslin’ fans and lovers of naked titties should all get a kick out of WRESTLEMANIAC, a new flick with a gritty Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe, available on DVD from Eagle in September.

A group of amateur porn-makers head to Mexico to make their next horizontal epic, but get lost and wind up in La Sangre De Dios. The ghost town is home to the insane, homicidal luchador El Mascarado (played by Rey Misterio, the uncle to WWE superstar Rey Misterio Jnr).

Before long, the mental mat master’s killing off the good guys one by one, usually by ripping their faces off their skulls. Pretty cool, huh?

But before the blood and mayhem starts, Debbie (Margaret Scarborough) and Daisy (Catherine Wreford) go topless for some hot mock-lesbo action.

Thank goodness, El Mascarado had the commonsense to leave the face-ripping till after the clothes-ripping scene. At least he's a thoughtful maniac.

Debbie (she's the one flashin' her boobies) is about to take some special instructions from her director

Catherine Wreford - one titty is better than none


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