Wednesday, September 26, 2007

REVIEW: Beauregarde CD/DVD

I READ about the re-release of the self-titled rock'n'wrestling album by the 60s and 70s grappler Beauregarde and was determined to buy it, especially as it features the original version of Testify.
According to the liner notes, this CD (plus DVD) celebrates the 40th anniversary of Beauregarde’s ring debut.
The DVD isn’t much – the highlights are a nice video clip for Testify made in the late 60s, plus some interesting photos of Beauregarde in the ring.
Sadly, the DVD wrestling footage is only of wrestlers who "inspired" Beauregarde – like Don Muraco, the Moondogs, Mr Fuji, etc. There's nothing of Beauregarde himself which is a shame, especially as he was allegedly great on the mike. It seems all the footage from Portland wrestling in the 70s was erased, so there’s sweet fuck-all of Mr B. in action. That's a damn shame.
But, let's face it, I bought this thing for the CD. So how was it? Well, it's not too shabby - the songs are a nice blend of blues rock and 60s soul, almost The Doors-like at times.

The CD features some solid tracks – I Got Something, Testify and I are probably the pick of them.

Overall, Beauregarde's a good package and of real interest to old-school rock music and wrestling fans.

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