Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is elite?

My new favourite wrestler...Mark "Sheiky" Williamson

8/9 Marrickville, NSW (PWA Elite "Victory" – 85): PWA Victorian Championship: Mikey Broderick b Fumanchu, Aurora b Jessie, Mike Valuable & Seth Rogers & Rob Foxx b Ashley Riot & Lightning Luke & Jak Arkham, Bishop Sommers b Crofty, A1GP Championship: Sean O'Shea b Champagne Pyro, Blakestone & Mark Williamson b Maverick & Striker, PWAE Heavyweight Championship: Ryan Eagles b Jass.

AFTER a week to think about it and mull things over, I can finally report to you that I enjoyed my first PWA Elite show.
The undercard was passable - better than AWF any day, sure - but not great. I liked Fumanchu's "so-not-Asian" Asian entourage. His match with Broderick went on for too long, but it was okay.
However, I hated Jessie and Mikey's poor dynamics as a face duo. Neither helped each other when they were being double-teamed during their respective bouts. What the hell was that all about?

The girls' bout was...EHH...what it was. Y'know...

Speaking of girls, the ring announcer is either the promoter's girlfriend or his sister. They're the only reasons I can think of for why she was allowed anywhere near a microphone on the night. Where was UWF's Trevor Singleton when we needed him? Nuff said.
The 6-man was a throwaway match. I didn't even realise half the dudes are UWA boys until Nick told me. Nothing wrong with it but nothing right with it either.
Ryan Eagles and his clique (these guys are BABYFACES, right?) came out for an interview which went hilariously haywire thanks to a dodgy microphone. Ryan soldiered on - restarting his interview over and over - for several minutes, when he really should have just given up. Still, it was amusing in a perverse way. Especially when he did the big angle, challenging "heckling ticket-holders" Blakestone and the always-entertaining Mark Williamson to step into the ring. This all led to the heel duo leaving and coming out later for a tag match.

The card really picked up when Crofty vs Bishop came on. I haven't laughed that hard - intentionally - during a wrestling bout in years. I feel the use of scooters in professional wrestling is sorely underrated. One of the greatest comedy matches I've ever seen.

The A1GP shoot title contest was confusing - the first five minutes was treated as a regular pro wrestling match and lost me (and most of the fans, I think). Things picked up when O'Shea and Pyro started kicking and punching the living crap out of each other. I appreciated the bout's stiffness, but it was bloody confusing.

A small point, but it needs to be made: most people in the audience (including myself) knew nothing of current PWAE storylines or even who most of the wrestlers were. Making available a free program (even just a cheap one-page photocopy) giving us a rundown of matches and the stories behind them, would've done wonders to help me keep track of what the hell was going on. Hey, Eagles, if EPW in Adelaide can do it, then so can PWAE, eh?

Blakestone and Mark Williamson are now my favourite tag team in Australia (sorry Dev & Salem). The match was fun (Mark eating Subway while Blakestone did all the work, then jumping in to score the pin was comedy gold). I also loved the punishment Blakestone dished out to the security guys/trainees after the bout. Ouch! Welcome to wrestling, boys.

The main event was pretty good - Jass is one of my favourite wrestlers in this country and he didn't disappoint in this bout. Eagles can go in the ring.
I just question the psychology: Jass is a heel and comes to the ring by himself. Eagles (with his two lovely shiny belts) comes to the ring with his two cronies O'Shea (with his lovely shiny belt) and Broderick (with his lovely shiny belt). And THEY are the faces. Eagles needs two other blokes to back him up in a fight with the heel. How fucked up is that?
Eagles won - hey, he's the booker, OK? - but Jass won over the hearts of every heel fan in attendance.

Aftewards, there was a huge clusterfuck of run-ins with everyone on the undercard brawling with each other in the ring. It was messy, pointless and over way too quick to mean anything.
It also annoyed me - everyone was willing to run in within seconds of the main event ending...but where were they when Striker and Maverick (not to mention the trainees) were getting beaten like dogs by "outsiders" Blakestone and Williamson earlier in the card? I hate that lack of internal logic.

Anyway, despite all my complaints - like I stated at the start of this report - I really DID enjoy this PWAE card.
"Elite"? I dunno about that, but it certainly got me jazzed enough to give the promotion a second try.
As long as Williamson and Blakestone are stiffing trainees on the card, then I'll be there.

Sean O'Shea juices for 85 fans. Greatness or madness? You decide

It's scooter-driven mayhem!

Invest in a microphone that works, Ryan. Or did you blow your budget on all them belts?

Nice view, Jessie. But wear a fuckin' G-string next time, OK?

Oh yeah, he's DEFINITELY Chinese


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