Thursday, November 29, 2007

PWI Top 500 2007 Tourney: BATTLE ROYALS winners

THE battle royals are over and we have 21 winners going into the two-ring battle royal, to be held in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

HIGHLIGHTS: Kudo from Japan's DDT promotion and NWA Hawaii's Kapu tumbled out of the ring together in the eighth battle royal and landed on the floor at the same time, so BOTH will progress to the two-ring battle royal...the tenth battle royal had the best final match-up with Necro Butcher and Festus Dalton beating each other into bloody messes before Festus finally threw Necro out of the ring to win...Not to be confused with the other one, HWA's Matt Stryker snuck through in battle royal 14...Mad Man Pondo used a dropkick to eliminate Trent Acid in battle royal 16, sending many fans into shock...several wrestlers had to get rid of two men at once to win their battle royals, but Franky The Mobster went one better, disposing of Tommy Vandal, Pelle Primeau AND Ric Converse to win battle royal 17.

So here are the two-ring battle royal contestants:

Nick Mitchell, Jado, Shane Valentine, Shane Matthews, Danny Daniels, KC James, Minoru Fujita, Kudo, Kapu, Justin White, Festus Dalton, Brian Milonas, Elix Skipper, Jerry Reiner, Matt Striker, Rick Fuller, Mad Man Pondo, Franky The Mobster, Turbo, Ricochet and Chad Parham

NEXT: The battle royal winners - our final two competitors in the tourney - and the draw for the first round of the tournament proper.


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