Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random YouTube Reviews

LET'S kick off with Carlo Cannon disrespects the EPW Tag Team Championship Belt. Carlo's a talented dude but who knew he had such a flair for comedy? Combine this with Mikey Jay's camerawork and some impressive cameos by the likes of Julian James and you have heat-seeking gold.
FROM here, we jump to an intense video response from Davis Storm, one of the opponents challenging for Carlo & Slex's EPW tag team belts. This sorta off-the-cuff, semi-shoot interview is what's sadly missing from the overly scripted WWE of 2009. Makes me almost wanna see this match.......except it's already been held and Storm and Jimmy Payne got their arses handed to them. Never mind, fellas.

Time for a preview for Perth-based EPW Presents BREAKING POINT, held in August 2009. I love EPW action - hard-hitting and, damn! Hard-hitting. :D

MANIAC Wayne Mattei is a monster.

Adam Gambino on a road trip? I hope he brought plenty of snacks to sustain him for the long drive. One question: how did he fit in the car?

AS MUCH as I question the way the Australian Wrestling Federation is run, you can't deny they've featured some great action over the past 10 years. A Decade Of AWF DVD Trailer features some great talent like Cima, Raven, Mad Man Pondo, Sabu and others. If someone wants to burn me a copy of that DVD, feel free to do so. I sure as shit ain't paying for it.

I HATE poetry with a passion, but this 2005 "Ode to Lobo" by Mr Mark Williamson is pretty sweet.
SPEAKING of Mr Williamson, drunk or sober he's one of the top three most entertaining promos in Australia today. This promo is delivered drunk, but he still manages to deliver a few shoot punches to the bruised kidneys of Melbourne wrestling. This interview is frickin' awesome.

LET'S finish with one of the best Aussie wrestling angles/feuds of recent years: the "Mad Bastard" Krackerjak against Australian Idol judge and radio disc jockey Ian "Dicko" Dickson. Dicko insults rasslin' and Krackers vows revenge at WrestleRock 14. This clip shows why Krackerjak is THE best promo guy in Aussie wrestling today. I will return to Mr Krackers in my next YouTube review.


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