Thursday, July 08, 2010

Best local card of 2010? You betcha!

Harley Wonderland and her wonder-mams
McKay...not just a tight arse. But it has to be said...
I WENT on a whim but I'm so glad I attended Pro Wrestling Women’s Association's “Last Woman Standing”, a one-night elimination tournament on Saturday, July 3 at the Liverpool Masonic Centre, Liverpool, Sydney, Australia.
A crowd of approx. 100 saw an excellent show, probably the best live card I’ve attended this year. Here are the results:

1. Shimmer & PWWA champion Madison Eagles b Shazza McKenzie
2. Savannah Summers b Harley Wonderland
3. “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater b Miami
4. Jessie McKay b Eliza Sway

Savannah pours on the pressure, but it was she who'd eventually tap out to the "Rate Tank", Skater
5. Skater b Summers via submission
6. Eagles b McKay

7. MEN’S TAG MATCH: Jorge Del Hommos & Robbie Eagles b JT Robinson & Sean O’Shea
8. Skater b Eagles in a no-DQ, non-title match.
This was a helluva bout featuring plenty of Japanese strong-style wrestling followed by a healthy dose of FMW/ECW hard-core violence. At one point, Skater was powerbombed through a concession table. Skater later returned the favour by stabbing Eagles in the arm with a fork, Abby-style! The ending came after Eagles first poured thumb tacks all over the middle of the ring, then ascended to the top rope only to be stopped by Summers, who turned heel by hitting Eagles with a chair and throwing her off the top rope and onto the tacks. Skater scored the easy pin.

A brutal, entertaining bout to wrap up a great night of Aussie wrestling. Thankfully, the action was all caught on DVD, which will be soon available from

Slater feels the effects after being powerbombed through the concessions table by Eagles in the anything-goes final


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