Sunday, July 03, 2011

WHAT WOULD CHRIS BENOIT DO?, episode 15: In drunken defence of Gambino

Or is it episode 14 part 2? In this scotch-fuelled, controversial episode, we give several shout-outs to Niki Nitro and wonder whether it’s worthwhile attending a CWA show in Sydney to see her in the flesh.

We laugh at Antonio D’eath’s family photos, we discuss promotions having problems with heckling fans (with a few words of wisdom directed at PWA in Sydney).

We discuss the...ahem, impact of TNA returning to Aussie TV.

We discuss who’s better: Niki Nitro or Sara Jay. We deliver a Sara Jay bombshell!

Next, Dubbs discusses recent problems in SWA in Newcastle and why several wrestlers walked out of the promotion. We also compare SWA and PWA on a business level.

And then we get to the meat of this podcast: the appalling treatment of Aussie wrestling legend ADAM GAMBINO by the ungrateful hacks at the DCW Variety Hour. We talk to Adam exclusively as he drops bombshell after bombshell about the Mr Criss Fresh and his lackeys.

We then make a controversial offer to Adam to leave the Variety Hour and join the What Would Chris Benoit Do? team. Will he accept?  Find out!

After Gambino hangs up, we discuss Australasian wrestlers having a tryout with WWE. How did Kyote and Huss go?

And, in a shocking moment, Dann Lennard says something that rarely comes from his lips. How will Huss respond to this truth bomb?

We wrap the show up in nostalgic fashion, discussing one of the most controversial incidents in Aussie wrestling history: the riot at Bronte RSL from a few years back. Dann was in the audience. Dubbs was backstage drinking poison. Our memories may differ slightly on details, but we still manage to fondly reminisce about this unforgettable event.

All in all, it’s the most controversial, bridge-burning episode EVER of the world’s No. 1 wrestling podcast. It’s 90 minutes of lighthearted mayhem. WHAM! Can your heart stand it?!!


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