Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Would Chris Benoit Do?, episode 18: "Bah Gawd! It's the King!"

IT'S a true meeting of the minds when the King of Porn DANN LENNARD and the King of Scotch MARK WILLIAMSON meet up with the King of Wrestling BIG HUSS in the heart of sunny Melbourne!
Yes, it's the infamous PODCAST OF DOOM - courtesy of the Poor Horsemen's "Bah Gawd!" Whirlwind Trip to Melbourne - performed in front of a live (partly comatose) audience in our swanky apartment overlooking Crown Casino.
Highlights of this tight yet sloppy podcast include...
* A review of the amazing WrestleRock event we attended the previous night. Who did we meet? Who avoided us? What did Mrs Jenkins do to Dann Lennard? What did Dann Lennard do to Mrs Jenkins? Is it possible to out-grub Adam Gambino? They did it! Plus we review the incredible moment when Huss ascended to the pinnacle of the scene
* Now that he is royalty, Big Huss magnanimously "apologises" to three people: AJ Maggot, Benny English and Ryan Eagles, AND
* We talk about the recent shenanigans surrounding PWA/PWWA. For a group that has the word "Professional" in their title, there are times when you just have to shake your head and wonder...
Needless to say, it's our most controversial podcast EVAH (and EVAH and EVAH...).
Enjoy and never forget, "GO GET HIM, TOOOOOOO-NEEEY!"
Running time: 38 minutes (and this time it's a SHOOT, bruthaaaaaaaaaa!)


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well well, I joined the blogging club, LOL :)

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