Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Would Chris Benoit Do?, ep. 19: "Scene sickness!"

WE'RE baaaaaaaaaaack! In a wide-ranging podcast, Dann Lennard and co-host Mark Williamson discuss various subjects including:
Why Dann is the most HATED man in Australian WWE is kinda shit right now...the local scene gone mad...veterans like Jungle Cat and Skyhawk talking crap online and why they do themselves no favours acting this way...Dann calls out Jungle Cat (ooooooooh!)...the idiocy of AV Dangerously from PWA Queensland allowing 15-year-olds to wrestle for his promotion (let alone promoting weedy Jeff Hardy wannabes like Sebastian Maximus on their official web site)...we laugh uproariously at the continued antics of "Triple D" Damien Drake and his "semi-national" promotion WWX (including their recent "takeover" of PWAQ)...and much more.
Then...because we're NOT negative ninnies, we discuss some very positive aspects of Aussie wrestling including SWA's upcoming show at Cardiff Panthers, Newcastle Pro Wrestling's debut show on the weekend, AWF's recent card in Parramatta, etc.
Finally, we discuss the benefits of having veterans working on your shows - not pretend veterans like Jungle Cat and Skyhawk, but legit blokes like George Julio in Melbourne and Lofty Pickford in Sydney.
After many anecdotes and hilarious banter, we wrap the show up with a song, a little ditty I've dedicated to the various people in wrestling who've annoyed me in the past month. The song's a bit long, but you'll get the idea in the first minute what I'm trying to say. Enjoy.
Running time: 1hr 20min. (approx.)


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