Saturday, July 07, 2012

WWCBD? ep. 22: "What? Me positive?" or "Beef and black boin, please!"

 RCW invaders (Danny Psycho in the orange tights) stand tall after laying waste to the MCW main eventers in the final match of the night.
(Cory Lockwood photo)

I ATTENDED a Melbourne City Wrestling show at the infamous Dragonfly Chinese Restaurant on Friday, June 29 and had a total blast. I saw some amazing matches along with a hot, packed crowd in the restaurant's unique atmosphere. Frankly, it was one of the BEST local cards in memory. Every match had a purpose and led to something to further the storyline not only for this show but future shows. The Riot City Wrestling "invasion" and Danny Psycho heel turns were also well-executed. If I lived in Melbourne, I'd definitely be attending these shows on a regular basis. It's like attending PWA in Sydney, only with booze and excellent "beef and black boin".
For full results from the night, head to this page:

I also caught up with NWA Warzone boss Benny English earlier that day. So please enjoy this short-but-sweet 16-minute podcast, featuring inteviews with Benny, followed by interviews from the MCW show with MCW boss Mikey Jay, scene creep Paul Jones, Josh Shooter, MCW ring announcer Bassem Abousaid and retired wrestler "Bulldog" Derek Francis.

MCW's next big show is on July 14 (check their page for details). NWA Warzone's next show is on July 21 (check their page for details).

The Vanity Project (Ryan O'Hare and Josh Shooter). Photo by Cory Lockwood


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