Monday, October 15, 2012

WHAT WOULD CHRIS BENOIT DO?, episode 23: Oh my Lord!

In which - among other things - I talk with a genuine lord of the realm and we discuss NOW's upcoming debut show in Canberra and NWA Warzone 14 in Melbourne, both featuring indy superstars Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana. Cabana vs Pearce in a steel cage in Melbourne? I am so there.
(Check out NWA Warzone on Facebook, by the way, for all the details)

Next we discuss the fascinating topic of custom videos before raving about
New Japan Pro Wrestling and the amazing between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Minoru Suzuki.
[Go to YouTube and type in “NJPW 2012 10 08 King of Pro Wrestling”. Fast forward to 3hr 16min if you just want to see the main event. Meltzer gave it the rarest of rare 5 stars! Also check out their Tokyo Dome match from January 4 by typing in “Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki, IWGP title match - NJPW Wrestle Kingdom VI (2012)”]

We then discuss how local promotions could sell their shows better on the Interwebz.
We rave about Adam Gambino aand TMDK's crazy new video that you should go watch if you haven't already. (YouTube link: “GANGNAM STYLE - TMDK STYLE”)

We discuss PWWA's sensational all-women's show in Sydney last weekend and why SA's Lou Lou is my new favourite wrestler.

And we wrap up the podcast with a discussion about the best and worst wrestling autobiographies we've read.
All in all, it’s the most entertaining, heartwarming episode EVER of the world’s No. 1 wrestling podcast. It’s 80 minutes of trouser-staining entertainment!!
Listen to me and Lord Mark Williamson HERE!


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