Monday, May 06, 2013

WWCBD?, Ep. 28: "That's an impressive penis"

WELCOME to a very special podcast taped following last Saturday's great PWA card at The Roxy in Parramatta. I kick things off by chatting with Melbourne sensation Adam Brooks on his thoughts on NAW flogs disrespecting the business, before discussing his recent tryout in the US with Ring Of Honor. Next, I catch up with Melbourne's Mr Juicy (above) where we attempt to talk about everything BUT wrestling. Porn, amateur nude models, penis size and cheap Viagra substitutes are the topic of the day. As you can imagine, it's a complete disgrace. I end the near-25-minute podcast by catching up with ex-Queensland grappler Mark Davis. He gives his thoughts on the state of Queensland wrestling (not goodt), the size of his penis (goodt) and what's on AV Dangerously's laptop (mindboggling). All in all, this is my best, most controversial podcast EVER!!!!
You can find it HERE, so enjoy!


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