Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Would Chris Benoit Do? ep. 29: "SAUSAGES!"


IN THIS blockbuster of a (slightly late) podcast, your drunken host DANN LENNARD talks live from the PWWA show in Parramatta on August 3 featuring the cream of female talent in Australia. There are interviews galore, thoughts on the KrackerJak vs Lord Mark Williamson bout at WarZone 17 (watch the spine-tingling highlights clip HERE) from the Lordship himself, discussion on AWE, submission matches, the merits of the term, "Goodt!", a provocative cooking challenge to Adam Gambino...and SAUSAGES! Let's rock!
Interviewees include RCW's Blair Alexis and Kelly-Anne English (including run-ins by Lord Mark Williamson, Fozzy Young and the Samoan Warrior). Sadly, this interview is censored mid-Jim Neidhart anecdote before we rejoin the action with WA veteran Michelle K. Hasluck (including another heavy edit courtesy of Blair...sheeeeeeeesh!). Next, we have a few quick words with Kyle Semenoff and Savannah Summers before we wrap up proceedings with Dubbs once more.
It's 32+ minutes of live drunken mayhem! :O


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