Sunday, December 08, 2013

WWCBD, ep. 30: "Welcome to the WindsorDome!"

Michael Elgin...not bad for a midget wrestler
A FINAL podcast for the year as I review the AWF "spectacular" on Saturday night, held at the "Windsor Wrestling Arena" (aka, a cinderblock shed in an industrial estate on the arse end of Sydney, conveniently located next to a Comancheros bikie clubhouse).
I wonder what Ring Of Honor star MICHAEL ELGIN made of this shithole (and the 50-odd fans who turned up both nights) to watch what was - to be fair - good shows. I only caught the second one, but I enjoyed every match...although I enjoyed the women's three-way title match for DIFFERENT reasons.
Anyway, it's 16 minutes of non-stop chatter from me in a car driving back from fucking Windsor. Hear me lightheartedly diss Mark Davis (who wasn't even on the bloody show), Michael Elgin (shhh...don't tell him) and Bruuuuuuuce (a big rookie who shows promise).
And, of course, there's the usual hardcore burial of such deserving targets as ex-PWAQ supremo and all-round fuckwit AV Dangerously (the Billy Wolfe of Aussie women's wrestling), "La Panda" (the woman with no entrance music...and no in-ring talent), Shane Saw and that utter cunt CB Cochrane. Seriously...fuck you, Cochrane.
La Panda..."she don't neeeeed no steeeeeeenkin' entrance music!!!"


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