Monday, January 27, 2014

WWCBD?, ep. 31: Straya Day, cuntz!

Adam "Brooksy" Brooks appears stunned after learning
who's been named WWCBD 2013 Wrestler of the Year!

QUALITY always trumps quantity. With that in mind, here's another of our semi-regular podcasts, this time coinciding with both Australia Day AND Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer awards.

Naturally, this proves to an opportune time to present the WWCBD Annual Australian Wrestling Awards for 2013.

This year, the categories include: WRESTLER OF THE YEAR, BEST PROMOTION, BEST MATCH, BEST MANAGER, BEST FEUD, WORST FEUD (you'll be surprised who I single out for attention), MOST IMPROVED, BEST PODCAST (it wasn't BAM - but they DO get their very own award for WORST BAM SEGMENT OF 2013) and...............our most highly anticipated and controversial award, SHIT KENT OF THE YEAR.

Get the lawsuits ready after you download 90+ minutes of cackling mayhem. Can your hearts stand it, scenesters....whoops, sorry Dubbs......Aussie wrestling? :P

Orlando is overjoyed to hear about being nominated


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