Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wrestling Revolution: The story of a male wrestler trapped inside a woman’s body: 2021

Dann thought growing a moustache would make "her" look more masculine 

ANOTHER bad start to the year. Nothing happened for much of the first six months. Dann the Mann won a lot of matches but little else.
He defeated Boar Miller (Bob Sapp) for the heavyweight title in the second week of June in a hardcore match. But he lost his ring gear, then histitle to Mario Sanyo in the third week of July.
Dann defeated hisold tag team partner Charlie Grace in a lights-out match in late August, then he was told to come out as gay by MLW management immediately afterwards.
Dann formed a short-lived tag team with Julian Damn (Ron Simmons), but he quit the team to take a lucrative short-term contract with Hollywood Wrestling. And gain some new clothing.However, he jumped to All American Wrestling a week after after he impressed the AAW hierarchy in an inter-federation match in early November.
He was asked to copy the move set of a luchadore from another fed, which was great as it finally got Dann away from moves he'd been stuck with for several months.
[One of the glitches of this game is that I'd been unable to change my wrestler's moves for ages, no matter what I tried. Luckily, the game finally did it for me. Not sure if this glitch is temporary or permanent as I proceed further into the game.]

Dann took on the illiterate General Genecide as his manager in early December.
Overall for 2021, he had 39 matches and won 89% of them.
Dann lost his final bout of the year to Brad Goodman via DQ, had a falling out with General Genecide and sacked him as his manager.
As 2022 approached Dann was once again on his own, which is just the way he likes it.


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