Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Wrestling Revolution: The story of a male wrestler trapped inside a woman’s body: 2019-20

DANN turned 25 and celebrated by losing creative control at Maple Leaf Wrestling. He had his ring name changed a couple of times – including “Ruth McMahon” – and his ring gimmick changed. Dann was still winning, but career satisfaction low as we approached March.
He then regained creative control but after contract negotiations stalled, he was stripped of my belt and went back to Wrestling School.
At the start of July, Dann re-signed with Maple Leaf Wrestling and formed a tag team with Charlie Grace (Harley Race).
He adopted a more masculine outfit and was the happiest he’d been for several years.
In a 2/3 falls match at the end of July, the fledgling team beat Andy Aniston (Arn Anderson) & Jay Enrico to win the MLW tag belts. Following a gruelling feud with the duo, Dann suffered an injured arm in early September and missed three weeks.
Grace and Dann were stripped of the belts, but were invited to join the stable of Bubba Keenan (Bobby Heenan).
But there was already growing dissatisfaction with his team. An inability to score another tag team title shot led to Dann’s shocking decision in early November to abandon Charlie during an inter-federation eight-man bout with UK Wrestling.
Dann then jumped to Federation Online in the second week of November.
Looking back at 2019, he competed in 35 matches and won 94% of them.

NOW 26, Dann didn’t stay long with FO. Feeling restless, he returned to United Kingdom Wrestling in late February but was treading water before getting his contract cut and going back to Wrestling School in early August.
Later that month Dann got the chance to sign with Rising Sun Puroresu, but he lacked motivation and drifted before being cut in early November and returning to Wrestling School, where he stayed unbeaten till the end of the year.
Looking back at 2020, Dann competed in 40 matches but won only 77% of them. On the plus side, he suffered no injuries, but on the downside he was frustrated by the lack of upward mobility. He also scored no titles, barely built on his bank balance and dropped in prestige. It was a poor year in summary.
Could Dann the Mann turn things around in 2021?


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