Saturday, October 18, 2014

WWCBD?, ep. 34: "The Yagoona Screw-job"

WE'RE in God's own country for our latest podcast (recorded on Sunday, October 12). In this ep, Lord Mark Williamson and Dann Lennard discuss:

* Shazza McKenzie's obsession with gym selfies

* Rumours flying around the scene that Dann has lost his job (short answer: NO, HE HASN'T)

* WarZone 20 on Oct. 4 in Melbourne

* Who is Nathan Gordon and High Impact Wrestling?

* AV's recent "spectacular" show that drew NO paying fans

* The “Yagoona Screw-job" at Sydney's CWA involving those goofballs Dan Damage, Adam Asixx, CRSM and Randall. No-one comes out of this smelling like roses. Especially Mr Damage, who got outwitted by CJ Irwin. CJ Irwin!!!!, AND

AWE's last show at Concord RSL featuring ex-WWE superstars Shelton Benjamin vs Orlando Jordan in the main event, and a sensational opener featuring Canberra veterans Crofty vs "Lightning" Luke Watts. Oh...and we discuss that godawful hair vs mask match...and we EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL why Tukahe DIDN'T lose his hair after losing!!! Also, we criticise fans who ruin shows by heckling......and yes, that DOES sound a little hypocritical.
After a short break, Dubbs gets serious and talks about the state of NSW wrestling. (HINT: it's not good).
It's 43 minutes of brilliance with absolutely NO discussion about sumo towels.
Overall, another controversial and sensational podcast by two of the most beautiful men in the Australian scene. Seriously, we're GORGEOUS!!!

Download the podcast HERE.