Thursday, February 12, 2015

WWCBD? ep. 36: "What time is it?!"

AW YEAH, you KNOW what time it is! It's time for Lord Mark Williamson and "Dirty" Dann Lesbian to talk the hot poop about wrestling. Find the podcast HERE.
Here's what we cover in this tight 30-minute podcast:
- The current state of WWE and the WWE Network. Good? Bad? We decide!
- New Japan World, Lucha Underground, TNA, NXT
- Teddy Hart madness
- Dann attending the Melbourne-made zombie wrestling flick Fight Like A Girl, and catching up with Krackerjak, Vixsin, Chucky, Kelly Anne and more. This segues into a discussion about the merits of wrestlers producing good merch. And Dann buries the concept of live commentary.
- New Japan sweeping the 2014 Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards. Lord Mark weighs in.
- We praise locals doing well overseas, including Buddy Murphy in NXT, Ryan Rollins in AAA and TDMK in NOAH. Of course, we also lament Emma's fall from grace in WWE.
- We launch a new segment called SHARK WATCH (hi Andrew Carter!)
- His Lordship discusses Aussie promoters who repeatedly injure their opponents, such as Tommy Hellfire and TNT
- He also talks about the problem of promoters who work in cycles and not learning from history.
- There's the usual Queensland shitcanning (well-deserved this time, I might add)
- We praise the most charismatic wrestler in Australia today
- And we wrap things up by announcing 2014 Shit Kent Of The Year. It was a tough field of candidates this time. In fact, when AV Dangerously can't even make the top five, you KNOW there were a lot of shit kents out there in the Aussie wrestling scene.
Naturally, we digress on many, many tangents as we go along, highlighted by Dann's revolting anecdote about Terri Runnels that left his Lordship near speechless!