Friday, December 18, 2015


GET a bunch of wrestling nerds in a room together and they'll wind up talk nothing but wrestling. Get sheet pioneer and leading wrestling/MMA journalist Dave Meltzer with uber-geeks Rob Naylor and Chris Hero and you get a very high level of wrestling nerdery.
If you enjoy 85 minutes of random discussions and anecdotes about Otani, watching major shows for Paul Boesch's Houston promotion in the early 1980s, Terry Gordy, trying to buy T-shirts from Ricky Steamboat's Carolinas gym in the late 80s (and failing), the Canadian Kodiaks, Pooh Jack, Farmer Boy Ipo, Muhammad Ali being influenced by Gorgeous George (or was it Freddie Blassie?), and the irony in the statement that Dave thinks the Young Bucks remind him of the Midnight Express...well, then you'll love Hitting The Highspots - Dave Meltzer.

It's a lot of fun watching three knowledgeable guys shoot the shit about anything and everything. If I have any minor complaints, the main one is that the topics jump all over the place and Naylor (who's running the roundtable chat) comes across as enthusiastic, but ill-prepared and disorganised much of the time. Sometimes, an interesting topic is raised but goes nowhere 'cos Rob suddenly thinks of another cool topic and jumps to it. Actually, on the subject of Rob...the name of the DVD is Hitting The Highspots - Dave Meltzer, NOT Hitting The Highspots - Rob Naylor! Sometimes, I just wanna hear Dave speak, not listen to Rob rant about his childhood or experiences with FCW and NXT (do that when you get given YOUR own shoot interview tape, Rob, not one involving Meltzer).

Still, nitpicking aside, it's cool to see Meltzer get the Highspots treatment. The guy has a billion stories and we barely scratch the surface in a mere 1hr20min. Naylor and Hero claim at the end of the DVD that they'd like to make this a quarterly event. I hope they do.

RATING: 4 stars out of 5

Hitting The Highspots - Dave Meltzer is available from Highspots.


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