Monday, January 25, 2016

SHOOT VIDEO REVIEW: "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (2010)

"I've got nothing to say about that sorry sonovabitch...he killed four good kids. You ever know Fritz Von Erich? He was the biggest asshole in the world."

IF YOU want a shoot that's as gut-searingly honest as you're gonna get with an old-school wrestler, then I recommend you seek out this one with "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers. Filmed two years before his death, Bobby - who always had a gift for the gab - shoots on everyone, especially firing point blank at old guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair who, at that time, refused to hang up their wrestling boots. Bobby was one of the few workers who quit the biz when he was still healthy and found a life and career outside of wrestling, so he's talking from a pretty sane point of view.
For those who don't know Jaggers, he wrestled all over the world, but is particularly known for his runs in Portland wrestling, the NWA (where he tagged up with Dutch Mantel as the Kansas Jayhawks) and Puerto Rico. He was in the stadium the night Bruiser Brody was murdered in 1988 and his harrowing account of that event is the highlight of this video.
Brody was a friend and his death - plus the decline of the territories - helped Jaggers come to the realisation that it was time to quit wrestling. After retiring, he studied civil engineering, became an engineering technician and eventually worked as a road and bridge specialist for the Department of Homeland Security.
This 90+ minute shoot was probably the first time in nearly 20 years that Jaggers had revisited his wrestling roots.
Anyway, I heartily recommend you seek it out via RF Video or Matwarz. It's as good as the Gary Hart shoots, which are just about the best ones out there.
I wish Jaggers had lived long enough to put out an autobiography. That would have been awesome.
The only knock on the DVD is some sound quality issues.
Oh...and maybe a few more dates could have been thrown in, so I knew exactly where and when Jaggers went over the decades. 'Cos he went EVERYWHERE.
Those quibbles aside, it's very easy-going, friendly chat. It's just a lot of fun to listen to Bobby's war stories.

CONCLUSION: Shootin' the breeze with Bobby.

RATING: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars 


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