Friday, October 14, 2016

Highspots second-chance box: THE OPENING

I KNEW what was in the Highspots mystery box - not much of  mystery then - but it looked so cool I HAD to get it. Let's see what's inside.

 Looks intriguing.

Holy Mother of God! Five years ago I would have been pissed to have a Drew McIntyre T-shirt, but now? I am fucking stoked! :)

Three DVDs and all look like winners. I love the current incarnation of Pro Wrestling Guerilla, so this disc of PWG All-Star Weekend Night Two should be great.
The Funk Family two-disc set should be incredible.
Finally, I cannot wait to listen to Rob Naylor chat with my fave wrestler in Hitting The Highspots: Will Ospreay
These should be fantastic. :)

Here's the main reason I bought this box: PWG BOLA 2016 trading cards!!!
Very, very, very fucking noice!

A Konnan photo, clearly signed by the man when he was "under the weather".

And an English wrestling sheet/mag with high-quality paper and great production values. I haven't read it yet but the photography is lovely and some of the pages are in full colour, too. Score!
FINAL COMMENT: The box cost me around AUD$125. By my reckoning, it's around AUD$150 value (depending on how you value an autograph clearly scribbled by Konnan while under the influence and a Drew McIntyre t-shirt). So it's reasonable value under any circumstances. However, as I loved EVERYTHING about this box, then I'd say it was AWESOME VALUE.
Not sure if I'd recommend Highspots boxes to overseas customers due to the high postage costs, but the occasional one-off is fun, especially if you know the contents and expect to like 100% of the contents.
Of course, once the Aussie dollar inevitably rises towards parity with the greenback, then you'll find me buying loads more of these boxes, I suspect.
RATING: A big five stars out of five!


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