Monday, December 12, 2016

WWCBD? ep. 39: The Last Stampede

DON'T shed a tear, but this is the final What Would Chris Benoit Do? podcast featuring our legendary co-host Lord Mark Williamson. Yes, after being a long-time Sydney fixture, his Lordship is taking his special brand of villainy south to Melbourne next year.
But never fear - he and I go out in grand style with our WWCBD? awards for 2016, including the much-anticipated Shit Kent Of The Year.
Lord Williamson also has a very special challenge for AWE promoter and midget wrestler Sammy "Psykotic" Russo. Will he accept this challenge? It's for charity, Sammy!!!!

Of course, it's not all negativity (as much as you cunts love that) - we also talk a lot about all the GOOD things in Aussie wrestling, including Evie vs Kellyanne in MCW's recent end-of-year extraganza, Wrestling GO! and IWA's big show in Penrith in October.
Dowie James, Preston & Payne, Krackers & Lochie...we praise them all. Aren't we nice? 

Anyway, stealing a great idea from the 6:05 Superpodcast, below are the time stamps in case you want to jump to a certain section and hear you or your mates getting bitched out. :)

  • Lord Mark Williamson explains why he's moving to Melbourne and his plans for 2017. (0:00:30)
  • We pay our respects to the late Mario Milano (0:06:00)
  • The recent retirements of Bishop Sommers and Kyote are noted. (0:10:50)
  • We chat briefly about the NXT tour Down Under and the improvement in the quality of Aussie wrestlers in the past 10 years. (0:18:20)
  • Next is a review of the brilliant IWA Fighting Spirit supercard in Penrith in October, raving about the likes of Syd Parker and Robbie Eagles. We also discuss how the hell great wrestlers Mr Juicy and Jonah Rock managed to misfire in their match. WTF? (0:25:00)
  • Mark talks up the exciting new business venture that is the Pacific Fight Network. (0:39:30)
  • More praise for Aussie wrestlers, in particular Evie who got an NXT try-out in Melbourne. I also ramble incoherently about The Enforcer and "that Asian guy with the kickpads", because I'm an idiot. (0:44:00)
  • My glowing review of Wrestling GO!'s late November card in western Sydney. Just a pity nobody watched it, "Kiss Stealin'" Johnny Whelan. C'mon, dude! (0:49:50)
  • Melbourne super-fan Sue Chuter's new international cult status via the 6:05 Superpodcast. (0:57:30) 
  • The Wide Bay Pro Wrestling debut show on November 26 and the joy it brought to so many people who watched it on streaming video on YouTube. How WBPW brought the pro wrestling community together for one joyous evening on WWCBD. I also ridicule Aris Cuntsaras and his tag team partner Mr Fuckstick (aka AK-16). Much laughter ensues. "No suplex!" (1:03:00)
  • The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame and why Dave Meltzer unilaterally put a triple murderer in the HOF. (1:19:20)
  • We get the positive categories out of the way for the WWCBD? 2016 Awards. Did YOUR favourite win? (1:23:50)
  • And the BIG one: the WWCBD? Shit Kent Of The Year for 2016. Nominees include Psykotik Sammy Russo, some dickhead from New Zealand and the two cunts who run (ran?) Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. Lord Mark makes a charity boxing challenge to Sammy, who we anticipate will be too gutless to accept it. And history is made when it comes to the WINNER of this year's award. (And, yes, AV's fuckbuggery with Chaos Championship Wrestling's "TV tapings" happened THE DAY AFTER we did this podcast. Shit happens, eh......and mainly in Queensland. (1:37:10)
It's arguably the world's second longest wrestling podcast and it took us nearly FOUR FUCKING HOURS and THREE LOCATIONS to complete it, so FUCKING APPRECIATE IT!!!
You can download it HERE.


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