Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Wrestling Revolution: The story of a male wrestler trapped inside a woman’s body: 2014

SECOND time around, I was older and wiser. I recreated Dann the Mann – the character I’d had the previous time – and knew how I’d play the character better than his first incarnation.
Sadly, I forgot one important element in creating Dann the Mann – I accidentally specified the wrong gender. So now “he” was a “she” – a very masculine she. An Eastern European shotput champion female to be exact. Sadly, one of Wrestling Revolution’s biggest flaws is that you can’t change a character’s gender (just their hair, outfit, move set and practically everything else). SIGH...I soldiered on and decided to ignore my character’s obvious feminine traits (i.e. boobs) and the fact that the game constantly referred to Dann the Mann as “she”.

This is an ongoing record of my wrestler’s ups and downs over the “years” in the game.
Dann the Mann began his career in Wrestling School (the lowest rung in the WR universe) but was quickly signed to Federation Online in late February 2014 and had a swift win over perennial jobber Wally Howitzer.
Without creative control, Dann was quickly renamed by management, first as “Wise Len” (passable), then “Delilah Bryant” (not good).
As a naive 20-year-old rookie, Dann competed in 33 matches in his first year and won 66% of them. This included two world title runs. As a certain rotund Melbourne wrestler might say, “Not badt.”
The key to Dann’s early success was his choice of a foreign object. He would come to the ring carrying a hockey stick – which is illegal to use inside the squared circle...unless it’s a hardcore match. However, outside the ring it’s carte blanche. You can be counted out and lose a match but, otherwise, anything goes.
Dann’s modus operandi was to go through the ritual pre-match taunts (these get a bit repetitive after a while as there are only a handful programmed into the game), then exit the ring, pick up his hockey stick and wait for his opponent to approach. Dann would then beat him (or her...inter-gender matches are common in WR) to death with the hockey stick, get back in the ring and pin his severely weakened opponent. This was highly effective, particularly in singles matches.
At some point, Dann may have killed a referee after attacking him up outside the ring. Oops.
This mishap didn’t affect hisswift ascendancy up the rankings, however. In the first week of June, he defeated Ackrite to win the Federation Online world championship. He somehow lost it in a six-man free-for-all in early August, but regained the title in the last week of November, beating Geno White.



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