Sunday, July 01, 2007

REVIEW: UWF, Merrylands RSL, July 1

Scarlett eats ringpost

IT'S been a tough week, but I shook off my depression and - after wrapping up some pressing business - headed to Merrylands to catch as much as I could of this arvo's UWF card.

I arrived during intermission, only to be told by Ed Lock that I'd missed a scorching cruiserweight championship match between champ Alex Rudka and challenger MH Cydell. Bummer.

Still, the second half of the card was pretty entertaining. I enjoyed the rematch between Kristy Steele and the evil Scarlett. Steele went over, gaining revenge on Scarlett for last month's rough-house tactics. It was a solid bout, and infinitely better than their previous encounter.
Next was an old-school match-up with rookie Shane Steele fighting Greg Stekker for his UWF Australian Championship. The match ended when Stekker SPIKED Steele's head into the mat. Looked nasty, but Shane seemed okay afterwards.
The main event was the highlight for me - talented Mikey Lord and brusing Morbid took on Noramak and Grynder. Sadly, Grynder's funny-as-fuck manager Big Bad Bomar wasn't at ringside (and neither was ring announcer Trevor Singleton. I wonder who did the noon-day weigh-ins of the wrestlers in his absence?).
This was a pretty cool bout with Lord and Morbid going over in the end. Hey! Is it me or does Grynder remind me of the old NWA's Big Green Machine (God rest Ray Traylor's soul)?
Anyhow, the card helped a lot in cheering me up - even though the events of this last week still hung heavy over everyone I talked to. The atmosphere may have been a bit subdued, but it was still great chatting with Ed, Fozz, Nick, Bec and everyone else at the show.
The UWF really is coming along in leaps and bounds - I really look forward to attending their cards each month.
But I'll be distraught if big bad Trevor isn't on the microphone next time. That guy is freaking awesome!


Blogger Addster said...

Noramak backwards is Kamaron = Cameron. What do I win?

6:37 PM  
Blogger Dann said...

Aaaah, except for the fact that I'm reliably informed his first name isn't Cameron. :D

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you know of any way to track down trevor Singleton?

11:12 PM  

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