Friday, September 14, 2007

IWA on TV (episode 2) thoughts...

Rob, remember, silence is golden

I WATCHED the second ep during the week and I have to say the matches were a big improvement. Rob Matrix vs Steve Frost was good (Frost was ferocious and I like him as a tag team with Angus McLoud), the Mark Mercedes squash over the 300-wannabe clown served its purpose and the Johnny Dundas/Tyson Gibbs encounter was pretty cool.
Hey, I saw these matches live when they were taped back in March and I'd forgotten how enjoyable the bouts were.
Now to the bells and whistles.
The commentary doesn't do it for me. Tyrone works better as a heel colour commentator while Drago would be better suited in the babyface role doing straight play-by-play. Having their roles reversed is just weird.
The backstage vignettes were okay - hokey, camp but okay.
However...Rob, Rob, ROB! Do yourself (and us) a favour and DON'T do another interview, mate. Just let your actions do the talking in the ring.

That is all.


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