Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doc Riot's Aussie matches of 2007

PWA Elite's Blakestone
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HAVING moved to Parramatta - the geographic centre of Sydney - in December 2006, I have been attending far more local wrestling shows than ever before. With that in mind, I feel I'm perfectly qualified to cast some votes for my fave matches of 2007.
In no particular order - and for sheer entertainment value just as much as in-ring action - they are:

1. CIMA vs Steve Ravenous vs TNT (AWF, Blacktown RSL, January 6): Cima was flawless in the ring and forced the other two guys to lift their wrestling to his level. A surprise ending, too - no-one expected TNT to do the job
2. Alex Rudka vs Mikey Lord (UWF, Merrylands RSL, May 27): Best cruiserweight match of the year. Not just a bunch of spots, this was a great wrestling match that included high spots
3. Masato Tanaka vs “Jag” Hartley Jackson vs Bruce “Havoc” Mills (International Assault Global Attack, Adelaide, August 10): Tanaka No. 1! Hard-core mayhem at its finest
4. Flaming Tables Match: Bruce “Havoc” Mills vs Jayson Cooper (EPW Adelaide, Clovelly Park, August 11): Havoc and Jayson take ultra-violence in Australia to a new level. Great bout, great twists, great ending to a great card
5. Bishop Sommers b Crofty (PWA Elite, Marrickville, NSW, September 8): I have not laughed so much at a match in years...and the humour was ALL intentional.
6. Mason Childs vs Ash Riot (UWA "Hallowikkid", October 28): Technically brilliant bout. I loved it, even if other fans didn't
7. Blakestone & Mark Williamson vs Maverick & Striker (PWA Elite, Marrickville, NSW, September 8): Blakestone and MS were Aussie tag team of the year, just on the strength of this one vicious squash (poor "security" guys). Mark channelled the spirit of "beach bum" Don Muraco as he munched on his Subway sandwitch throughout the contest, leaving Blakestone to do all the work. Awesome brutality mixed with even more awesome comedy
8. Blakestone vs Sean O'Shea (PWAE, Liverpool, November 30): Chop city! Blakestone and O'Shea meshed well together and brought out the best in each other
9. Ryan Eagles vs Mikey Broderick (PWAE, Liverpool, November 30): A fantastic match that maintained a strong storyline. Ryan turned heel and everything flowed nicely from the start. The upset ending, along with the man-on-valet bloodletting, really elevated this bout
10. Powerhouse Theo vs Gamma (AWF, Blacktown RSL, October 7): Theo' a new force in wrestling and probably the best thing going in AWF today. Gamma's a Dragon Gate dude who worked fast-paced comedy and really made this bout sing. He made Theo look a million dollars, but Theo didn't need that much help either

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