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PWA Elite: Farewell to Fozzy

Eagles puts the hurt on Mikey in the main event, while ref Fozz watches closely
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THERE were four good reasons to go to PWA Elite's big card last Friday night in that lovely part of Sydney known as Liverpool:
1. To see Steve Corino live in action (I've seen him twice over the years and he never fails to deliver the goods)
2. To be there for Australia's No. 1 referee Graham "Fozzy Young" Tripp's retirement show
3. To hang out with some great folk like Fozz, Ed Lock, Rodders, Nick, the Manboob Choir, Marty, etc, AND
4. To see PWA, 'cos at the moment this promotion probably has the most impressive crew of guys from top to bottom.

I was let down by Corino (who was injured and couldn't fly to Oz, I've been told), but that was the ONLY disappointment on the night.

The SCCC was probably one of the best cards I've attended this year, ranking right up there with EPW Adelaide's "Burning Bridges" (August 11) and UWA "Hallowikkid" (October 28).

It was a night of hard-hitting action, way too many chops, shiny belts and shiny pants - just what you'd expect from PWA.

It was also the most interractive wrestling show I've ever been to, which made it a helluva lotta fun on a personal level. Maybe it was the intimate atmosphere, maybe it was 'cos all the heelish shit I've yelled at PWA guys over the past few months finally came home to roost, but it seems I copped more than my fair share of verbal barbs, particularly from Ryan Eagles and Bishop Sommers. It made for an interesting night.

O'Shea clobbers Blakestone
Back to the action: big props to Blakestone vs O'Shea for their match of the night. Some people didn't like seeing the impressive Blakestone lose in the first round, but I thought it made sense on the night and I was happy to see the equally talented O'Shea progress to the semis.

I enjoyed Eagles' long-overdue heel turn in the main event and his shock loss of the Cup (and two shiny belts) to Mikey Broderick. The women's match was fun, too. What wasn't there to love about Jesse's outfit?

Mike Burr
I thought Mike Burr was the quiet achiever of the night...and he was a cool guy to talk to after the show as well. The Melbourne wrestler was a fine replacement for the absent Corino.

Jass after being eliminated from the battle royale. Off to the hospital for you, mate

There was plenty of collateral damage during the show. I was sorry to see Jass dislocate his shoulder in the battle royale, but he seemed pretty chipper later in the evening (the drugs do work, clearly). Jesse copped a nasty blow to the snout in the finishing sequence in the main event. And all the boys looked pretty beaten up and a few were limping after the event.

Ya gotta respect the amount of punishment they took to entertain us fans.

And, of course, it was a memorable show to say goodbye to Fozz in his final reffing gig. As always, he was a consummate professional and proved why he's the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be when it comes to the Aussie refereeing scene.

30/11 PWA Elite "Steve Corino Commemorative Cup" (Liverpool Masonic Centre - 70): FIRST ROUND: Ryan Eagles b Fumanchu, Sean O'Shea b Blakestone, Mikey Broderick b Justin Cross, Mike Burr b Adam Gambino; Jessie McKay b Madison Eagles; SEMI-FINALS: Ryan Eagles b Sean O'Shea, Mikey Broderick b Mike Burr; Bishop Sommers won the Battle Royale; SCC CUP FINAL: Mikey Broderick b Ryan Eagles to win the SCC Cup & PWA National and Heavyweight Championships

Madison vs Jesse...who's complaining?


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