Thursday, November 22, 2007

PWI Top 500 2007 Tournament - how it works

WELL, here we go. The tourney will begin shortly - 500 of the world's best wrestlers (according to slightly dodgy Pro Wrestling Illustrated) face off to determine the best grappler of 2007.

"So how will it work, Doc?" I hear you ask. Simple. Back in the 80s, fine publications such as Gold Belt Wrestling and Wrestling Superstars would run imaginary contests. Y'know the type: "Who would win between Demolition and the Road Warriors?" "Who would win in a tag team tourney if the best teams from all the top federations were involved?" "Who would win between Sting and the Ultimate Warrior? Etc etc etc...

Some years ago, I...acquired the super-computer used to calculate the results of these fantasy match-ups. Don't ask how, it's a long story...although it does involve some compromising pictures of Ginger Snaps with Bill Apter. Other than that, my lips are sealed.

Anyway, using this super-computer, I will tabulate the results of this mega-tournament and in coming days and weeks publish the results (and some match details when the computer coughs 'em up).

Here's how it works. The top 254 wrestlers will be part of a 256-man elimination tourney.
DQs, count-outs, etc will be allowed, but no time-limit draws. There must be a victor in each match. The tourney will continue (128, 64, 32, 16, QFs, SFs and final) until there's a winner.

The final two men in the tourney will be selected from the bottom 256 grapplers in the Top 500. They will be split into groups of 12 or 13 and compete in battle royals. The winner of each battle royal will wind up in a two-ring, 20-man battle royal.

The winner in each ring will then enter the tournament proper.

Got any questions? No?

Then let's begin.

NEXT TIME: The battle royals for tournament spots No. 255 and No. 256.


Blogger Shane said...

Despite your assertions - your calculator-watch IS NOT a supercomputer.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Dann said...

Yes it is, dammit.

2:24 PM  
Blogger kami said...

you have far too much time on yr hands! but i'm gonna be checking what that damn computer/watch/close yr eyes and point thingy comes up with! (and i thought i was anal)

9:47 PM  

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