Thursday, November 15, 2007

Two very different shows...

Beth Phoenix

WWE RAW (Friday, 9/11, Sydney, 20,000): Cody Rhodes & Bob Holly b Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas; Women's Title: Beth Phonix b Mickie James; Hacksaw Jim Duggan b Santino Marella; Rhodes & Holly b The Highlanders; World Tag Team Titles: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch b Rhodes & Holly; Brian Kendrick b William Regal; WWE Heavyweight Title: Randy Orton b Mr Kennedy & Jeff Hardy; Street fight: HHH b Umaga

I WASN'T planning to go to the WWE Survivor Series tour when it came to Sydney last Friday, but free tickets will make you do anything, I suppose. Especially when they're free tix to the Foxtel corporate box.

Free food, free booze, free merchandise and a chance to hobnob with Kamahl? How could I refuse?

Sure, the show was mediocre - did I really need to see Bob Holly three times in one evening? - but it was cool to see Cody Rhodes and Beth Phoenix live for the first time. And it was fantastic to soak in the amazing crowd heat from the full house in attendance.

Triple H vs Umaga was a decent street fight main event. Jeff Hardy worked his arse off against an overrated Mr Kennedy and lazy world champ Randy Orton. Personally, the match of the night was Brian Kendrick vs William Regal. Regal is an entertaining dude.

I have to say, I don't think I'll ever attend another WWE card unless I can get free corporate box tix. I've been spoiled.

Devlin's big dive

UWA Hallowikkid 2007 (Sunday, 28/10, Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL, Sydney - 120+): UWA Elite Title: CRSM b Mike Valuable, The Captain & Mexicutioner; Matt Wolf, Dean Draven & TJ Haze b Salem, Devlin DeSkyes & Blakestone; Street Fight: Johnny Rage b Troy The Boy; PWA International Title: Mason Childs b Ash Riot; PWA Double Crown (National & Heavyweight Titles): Ryan Eagles b Sean O'Shea; Aurora b Kathryn Nixxxon; UWA Ultimate Title: Will Phoenix b Bishop Sommers; TJ Haze threw out Mike Valuable to win Double Rumble.

A FEW weeks earlier I attended the best live card of 2007: UWA Hallowikkid.

From start to finish, this was an awesome card, which blew away the WWE show the following month.

A few thoughts:
* CRSM is rapidly becoming a cult babyface due to his manager The Fabulous Sebastian's antics (the free badges and face masks thrown into the crowd were a hoot). It was good to see rising star Mike Valuable and former AWF star The Captain do their thing. Mexicutioner looks like a male Aja Kong and is really only good for mid-card comedy. Still, I felt bad for him when he went down with a leg injury. Overall, a solid opening bout.
* The six-man tag started slow and I could tell everyone was waiting for Blakestone to tag in. When he did, everything stepped up a notch. This was stiff, hard-hitting fare, topped off by the move of the night, Devlin's dive from the commentators' booth on the balcony onto the guys in the ring. Awesome move. The teased dissension between Dev and tag team partner Salem was also great to behold.
* The street fight was OK. Rage shouldn't wear tassels to a street fight and Troy doesn't have the facial mannerisms to play an effective heel, but overall it was a fun match.
* Unlike some other fans, I really enjoyed Mason's technical clash with Ash. Mason reminds me of a bigger, more likable version of Ryan Eagles. This was great to watch and a nice change of pace from the previous matches.
* I love baiting Ryan - he reminds me of a smaller, less likable version of Mason Childs. His two big shiny belts and shiny pants also make him a target. Still, he and O'Shea had a great contest and I couldn't complain about the workrate.
* I'm not a fan of western women's wrestling, but I was happy to see Nixxxon start her heel turn after losing to Aurora. Kathryn makes a much better bad girl than face.
* Phoenix's title defense against Bishop was probably the match of the night (Mason vs Ash would come close) - great psychology and great moves. It's a shame the feud appears to be over now. I would've liked to have seen this thing simmer a bit further.
* The two-ring battle royal was fine, despite the stupid behaviour of fuck-faced idiot Big "But I have a small dick and a smaller brain" Jay. Once the moron had been stiffed stupid and tossed out of the ring, the match settled into an interesting contest highlighted by Valuable winning the first ring whileSalem and Dev faced off in the second ring. The fans immediately backed Dev (led by my chants, I must confess) and that was pretty cool. TJ Haze (who hadn't been eliminated after going through the bottom rope) snuck back into the ring and disposed of them both. He then made short work of Valuable to win the battle royal. It was an OK ending, but I would've preferred to see the talented Valuable get the push and go over. Just my opinion.

You know, you can go to the WWE to enjoy the big-event atmosphere and to see "the stars" live in action. Hell, that's the only reason to go, I reckon.

But if I wanna see entertaining bouts featuring wrestlers working their arses off and giving 110%, then I'll choose the UWA (or any other local promotion) every single time.


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That is a great photo of the Devlin dive fromthe skies.

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Yes, it is. :D

WWEKane's pic, I believe.

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