Saturday, October 13, 2007


TNT brings the pain to Sabu

Theo puts the hurt on Gamma

Blacktown RSL, NSW (AWF, 7/10, 300+): Jay Law b Rob "The Scientist" Best;Il Cognito b Massive Q;Mark Hilton b Harry Hardshaw;Gamma b Powerhouse Theo; Super Shenron b Billy Flyswat & Kid Dynamite;AWF Tag Team Title - Surf Club b Pub Rockers;AWF Title - TNT v Sabu - no contest.

WHAT I LIKED: Sabuuuuuuuuu! (the reason why so many people were there on the night), the fact that AWF brings so many people together from different feds (I drank with dudes from AWF, PWA, IWA, UWF and UWA on the night), The Platinum Playas on the mike (these guys are gold), Il Cognito, Mark Hilton, Gamma vs Theo (match of the night...Gamma was awesome!), Bodacious Bo (the Surf Club's valet who looks uncannily like Reggie Bennett...maybe it's them meaty thighs), TNT vs Sabu (up until the ending)...
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Massive Q, Kid Dynamite in the ring (way overrated), the tag title match (booooooooring!), the ending to TNT vs Sabu (a total suck-fest schmozz), the shitty collapsing tables used in the main event...


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