Monday, September 17, 2007

End of an era

Is it over for Salem (pictured) and Devlin...the second-best tag team in Australia?

16/9 Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL, Sydney (UWA - 70): UWA Elite Title: CRSM b Kid Carnage, Mike Valuable b "Not-so" Big J, UWA Tag Team Title: Dean Draven & Matt Wolf b Devlin De Skyes & Salem, UWA Elite Title: CRSM b Crofty, Bishop Sommers & Troy The Boy b Will Phoenix & Johnny Rage

I ARRIVED late for one of UWA's most eventful cards of the year, so I missed the set-up for the main event. Champ Will Phoenix brought out former Team Metro partner Bishop Sommers (welcome back, Bish! It's been way too long) as his partner for the main event "dream partner" tag match. Of course, Bish turned on Will and he and Troy The Boy beat the hell out of the champ till Troy's current nemesis, Johnny Rage, came out to even things up. Everything was set for the main event.
But first we had CRSM's defence of his Elite title. He disposed of Kid Carnage fairly easily - I only caught the end of this bout - but his always-entertaining manager (and positively evil heel commentator) Fabulous Sebastian threw out an open challenge for another match that day...much to his man's annoyance. And I love the way CRSM doesn't even attempt a Spanish accent when he talks. :D
The challenge was accepted by Crofty who cleared the ring with his barb wire 2x4 (What? No barb wire scooter?).
Showing far more than he did at last week's PWA card, Mike Valuable easily took care of Big J (mate, I think it's time you changed the gimmick. "Big J" just sounds like false advertising to me). Valuable is a real star of the future (loved his Flair bump over the turnbuckle, too).
In the big shock of the day the excellent team of Draven and Wolf downed long-time tag champs Salem and De Skyes in a great match. This is good for three reasons: 1) It shakes up the tag team division and it''ll be nice to see the ex-champs chasing the gold for a change, 2) the rematch at Hallowickid should be awesome, AND 3) The post-match dissension would suggest that a Salem-Devlin feud is on the cards down the track. And THAT will be fun to watch, too.
Props to CRSM for wrestling twice on the day. He and Crofty had a solid bout and I was sad to learn this is Crofty's last match in a while as he's moving up to Queensland. So long, big fella, I'm gonna miss the scooter.
The tag match achieved everything it was supposed to do: Rage and Troy continued their feud, I got to take some shots at Rage's 80s-inspired ring outfit (love the Marty Janetty tassels, mate), Bishop played chickenshit heel and avoided facing Will wherever possible and, at the end, Bishop scored the shock pin on the champ. This sets up the former friends to face each other in the main event at Hallowickid on Sunday, October 28 at Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL. That means we're guaranteed a minimum TWO great matches on the day.
Add the 40-man, two-ring rumble battle royal and next month's supercard promises to be hyoooooge!
I'll be there and I'll be drunk. And loud. And obnoxious.


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