Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wrestling Revolution: The story of a male wrestler trapped inside a woman’s body: 2022

 Moustaches make everything more butch
DANN had a change of heart over Christmas and rehired General Genecide as his manager. It was the right move, as he helped the wrestler renegotiate a new, lucrative deal that saw Dann become a millionaire for the first time.

However, Dann and General Genecide parted ways at the end of January due to Dann’s lack of success under his guidance. As soon as Dann went solo, he pinned Perry Class (Ric Flair) the following week in a singles bout.

Ongoing tensions with AAW management affected the young grappler's in-ring performance and it led to a premature termination of his contract in early March.

Dann bounced from Wrestling School to UK Wrestling to Maple Leaf Wrestling where things seemed to be settling down for the 28-year-old. In early November, he scored a lightweight title shot against the champ Gabriel (Christian) that he lost by count-out.

The following week, Dann took a battering in an eight-man brawl. Although his team won...well, erm......this was the headline from that week’s POWER SLAM.

[AND that was the swift, brutal end of my misunderstood transvestite character. And the end of this game. At least I lasted longer than the first time I played Wrestling Revolution. That said, my first character didn’t die in the ring. Oh well, time to find another time-waster on the toilet. :P]

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