Saturday, November 19, 2005

Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

IT'S been a tough week for every true wrestling fan following the news of Eddie's death last Sunday. A heart attack at the age of 38 is no way to go, and whether it was the past drug/alcohol abuse or the steroid usage, he was just too damn young to die.
What has moved me more than anything during the past week has been the overwhelming outpouring of emotion from so many people: Eddie was truly loved by the fans - I just had no idea how much until after his untimely passing.
I'll always have fond memories of Eddie the performer - his ECW matches with Dean Malenko, his classic bouts with Rey Misterio Jnr in WCW, that goofy LWO gimmick, the Filthy Animals, the Radicalz, "Mama-cita", standing in the ring with his dear friend Chris Benoit at the end of Wrestlemania XX - both holding their world heavyweight titles aloft.
Hell, I'll even remember his stupid feud with Rey this year over the custody of Rey's kid Dominic.
But clearly, many people in the business will have fonder memories of Eddie the man: a kind, considerate person who overcame many personal demons to get his life back on track. If friends were gold, then Eddie was a rich man when he died.
RIP Eddie.