Sunday, May 27, 2007

The "better late than never report": The good doctor's doubleshot: UWF & UWA (May 27)

New UWF tag team champs: CJ Irwin & Phil Picasso

IT'S not often a fan can see TWO wrestling shows in the one day - in fact, the last time I managed it was in 2002 to see Ring Of Honor and Combat Zone Wrestling in Philadelphia.
I was always gonna jump at the chance to do it again, especially when both promotions - UWF and UWA - are within a stone's throw of my luxurious lair.
First up was the UWF show, which ran from 2-4pm at the Merrylands RSL. As soon as it ended, I hopped in the Riot-mobile and scooted over to the Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL to catch the bulk of the UWA card.
In the end, it was an interesting experience. The best match of the afternoon was far and away the 20+ minute encounter between Mikey Lord and Alex Rudka for the vacant UWF cruiserweight belt.
However, for overall consistency, I'd give the nod to the UWA card - all the matches I saw were good-to-great.
Either way, I enjoyed both cards for very different reasons.

UWF Ringside Wrestling: Crowning Champions
Merrylands RSL, Sunday, May 27, 2pm, attendance: 120+
RESULTS: Bane Youngblood b Grynder (w/ Bomar); Scarlett b Kristy Steele; MH Cydell b Noramak; UWF Australian Cruiserweight Title:
Alex Rudka b Mikey Lord( w/ Natalie Garcia); UWF Australian Heavyweight Title (non-title bout): Shane Steele b Lethal Injection (representing the "injured" Greg Stekker); UWF Australian Tag Team Title: Phil Picasso & CJ Irwin b Adam Lord & Bruza (w/ Chris Sanchez)

UWF: What I enjoyed...
1. Big Bad Bomar - a funny, demented heel manager
2. Scarlett's heel persona
3. The cruiserweight match - a joy to watch two such talented high-fliers in action
4. Lethal Injection, who now resembles a taller version of "Thug" Thomas. I remember him from the old days at Ingleburn RSL wrestling for Kenny Dunlop's promotion
5. CJ Irwin & Phil Picasso as a tag team - THAT is something to behold
6. Alex Lord - a really entertaining chickenshit heel. Hopefully, he'll go places now he's turned and been kicked out of the 3 Factors faction.

ABOVE & BELOW: Mikey Lord vs Alex Rudka. Awesome bout

UWA (Toongabbie-Seven Hills RSL, Sunday, May 27, 4pm, attendance: 70)
Dean Draven b Matt Wolf; UWA Tag Team Titles: Devlin DeSkyes & Salem b Big J & Dementor; TJ Haze b Wayne Pickford; Troy The Boy b Will Phoenix; Johnny Rage b Mike Valuable - DQ; UWA Ultimate Title: Jass b Crofty

UWA: What I enjoyed...
1. Watching the end of Draven's match (which I missed live) on Rebecca's handi-cam
2. Devlin & Salem - the best tag team in Australia. But when is Salem gonna grab the mic and show off them verbal skills we ALL know he possesses?
3. Pickford's old-school antics
4. Troy The Boy's run-in and attack on Johnny Rage. Their superkick vs superkick feud is building nicely
5. Jass as champion. Intimidating, entertaining...but he needs a manager to give him even more of an "evil bastard" vibe
6. The free sample of "CRSM JSM" given to me by his manager, The Fabulous Sebastian. Mmmmmm...tastes like soy milk. Mmmmmmmm...

FINAL WORD: I had fun but two wrestling shows on the one day were self-defeating for the UWF and the UWA. Work together on having them on separate days in future, fellas. Why cut each other's throats (and your own) for a limited pool of fans, eh?

Jass shoulder blocks Crofty outside the ring

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Damn you, WWE!

"Shelly Martinez (Ariel), Scott Garland (Scotty 2 Hotty) and Nick Mitchell (formerly of the Spirit Squad) were all released today by WWE." -

Vince, you're a moron.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stacy Keibler...

...because I can.


What became of the new "Tiger Mask" comic?

IT'S the encyclopaedia of wrestling comics and Dann Lennard runs it. He's an okay bloke, just a little moody at times.

Check out his blog at...