Thursday, January 20, 2011


THE SHOOT REVIEW (It's's damn real!)

King Kong Bundy Shoot Interview
Producer: Pro Wrestling Diary LLC
Released: May 2010.
Running Time: 3:45
Content Rating: R18

AT 458 POUNDS, it’s hard not to spill your guts. After years of silence, King Kong Bundy is back to tell a tale, which many will agree is long overdue.
A shoot interview can be a confirmation of what a wrestling mark already knows. Or, all things going to plan, it’s the addition of missing pieces of insightful information to a popular biography.
The production value usually isn’t great but the no-holds-barred commentary tends to be a good equaliser in determining whether you’ll stay fixed to your chair or if you’ll tap out and hit the off button after the first five minutes.
As is often the case in many shoot interviews, the chronology of Bundy’s career is as scrambled as eggs; in other words the subject matter isn’t pinned down in an orderly sequence like your typical WWE documentary.
But the structural shortcomings of this release are overcome by genuinely entertaining opinions, which are raw, powerful, timely, confronting, intelligent, fearless and, for the most part, humorous,
Like his famous “Avalanche” finishing maneuver, Bundymania runs wild over you with his thoughts and feelings about a number of people at all levels of the industry: promoters, wrestlers, managers and even midgets. No-one is safe while Bundy’s on tape.
And that includes the late Andre the Giant who was one of only a few men to make Bundy look small in the ring. Their working relationship was anything but harmonious.
“He was a bully,” Bundy concedes. “He was the one guy that could really hurt you in this business. If he said, ‘Vince, I want this guy gone,’ you’d be gone.’ To me, he wasn’t a nice man.”
Bundy played a heel for most of his career. Yet the man behind the character easily grows on you as someone you’d like to shout a beer and have a yarn or two with, a compliment that cannot be claimed by some of his more acknowledged peers.
Most Australian video stores with a wrestling collection do not stock shoot DVDs. But if any store managers reading this plan to start building their collection, this one would make a wise investment.
As of 2010, there have been 88 former superstars inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. King Kong Bundy isn’t one of them
And seeing as he didn’t even get a mention in the WWE’s Top 50 Superstars Of All Time DVD, many Bundymaniacs could be waiting a lot longer.
An overdue acknowledgement of his contribution to sports entertainment is this shoot DVD’s main selling point.
Personally I hope a journalist out there has the foresight to get in contact with Bundy and organise a book deal. There’s much more to tell about the life of this wrestling legend.

NOTE: This two-disc set – including bonus footage and matches from his career – is available from

Saturday, January 08, 2011

What Would Chris Benoit Do?, episode 4

IN WHICH I rave about PWA Australia's card last night, "Unwritten Law", especially the amazing Robbie Eagles vs Ryan Eagles 2/3 falls main event, an early contender for Aussie MOTY in 2011. I also mount a case for KC Cassidy to change her hairstyle and SHAUN Kustom and DAVE Sinclair to change their names.
Check out the link HERE.