Wednesday, September 26, 2007

REVIEW: Beauregarde CD/DVD

I READ about the re-release of the self-titled rock'n'wrestling album by the 60s and 70s grappler Beauregarde and was determined to buy it, especially as it features the original version of Testify.
According to the liner notes, this CD (plus DVD) celebrates the 40th anniversary of Beauregarde’s ring debut.
The DVD isn’t much – the highlights are a nice video clip for Testify made in the late 60s, plus some interesting photos of Beauregarde in the ring.
Sadly, the DVD wrestling footage is only of wrestlers who "inspired" Beauregarde – like Don Muraco, the Moondogs, Mr Fuji, etc. There's nothing of Beauregarde himself which is a shame, especially as he was allegedly great on the mike. It seems all the footage from Portland wrestling in the 70s was erased, so there’s sweet fuck-all of Mr B. in action. That's a damn shame.
But, let's face it, I bought this thing for the CD. So how was it? Well, it's not too shabby - the songs are a nice blend of blues rock and 60s soul, almost The Doors-like at times.

The CD features some solid tracks – I Got Something, Testify and I are probably the pick of them.

Overall, Beauregarde's a good package and of real interest to old-school rock music and wrestling fans.

Get the full story on Beauregarde at

Further info can be found at

And check out this great interview with the man at

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hmmm...her face looks familiar....

Trinity...I thought I recognised you. She's an old favourite from People magazine - in fact, I've probably even interviewed her. Here's a couple of snaps from her centrefold feature in our October 9, 2006 issue.

Friday, September 21, 2007

BRIEF REVIEW: IWA, episode 3

Trinity and Kasey Jackson get interviewed by "Percy Sludge"

ABOVE & BELOW: Kasey and Trinity in the ring

Trinity's arse = Best. Show. So. Far.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

THIS is bloody wrestling! (Not-for-the-squeamish)

Jos LeDuc vs Bruiser Brody (with Scott Casey as the guest referee). Watch out for that finger or you'll lose it! This is from World Class in the early 80s, I think.

Sgt Slaughter after losing his WWWF alley fight with Pat Patterson (c.1980).

Ric Flair was bleeding in the early 80s...

...and he was still bleeding in WCW in the late 90s. Come to think of it, Nature Boy's still a willing bleeder in WWE today!

Superstar Billy Graham chokes out Kevin Sullivan down in Florida.

Bruno Sammartino makes Superstar Billy Graham bleed during a classic 1970s match-up in WWWF.

Finally, here's one of those "classic" gory old wrestling mag covers from the 60s. What did parents make of this shit when they found them in their kids' room, I wonder?

Monday, September 17, 2007

End of an era

Is it over for Salem (pictured) and Devlin...the second-best tag team in Australia?

16/9 Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL, Sydney (UWA - 70): UWA Elite Title: CRSM b Kid Carnage, Mike Valuable b "Not-so" Big J, UWA Tag Team Title: Dean Draven & Matt Wolf b Devlin De Skyes & Salem, UWA Elite Title: CRSM b Crofty, Bishop Sommers & Troy The Boy b Will Phoenix & Johnny Rage

I ARRIVED late for one of UWA's most eventful cards of the year, so I missed the set-up for the main event. Champ Will Phoenix brought out former Team Metro partner Bishop Sommers (welcome back, Bish! It's been way too long) as his partner for the main event "dream partner" tag match. Of course, Bish turned on Will and he and Troy The Boy beat the hell out of the champ till Troy's current nemesis, Johnny Rage, came out to even things up. Everything was set for the main event.
But first we had CRSM's defence of his Elite title. He disposed of Kid Carnage fairly easily - I only caught the end of this bout - but his always-entertaining manager (and positively evil heel commentator) Fabulous Sebastian threw out an open challenge for another match that day...much to his man's annoyance. And I love the way CRSM doesn't even attempt a Spanish accent when he talks. :D
The challenge was accepted by Crofty who cleared the ring with his barb wire 2x4 (What? No barb wire scooter?).
Showing far more than he did at last week's PWA card, Mike Valuable easily took care of Big J (mate, I think it's time you changed the gimmick. "Big J" just sounds like false advertising to me). Valuable is a real star of the future (loved his Flair bump over the turnbuckle, too).
In the big shock of the day the excellent team of Draven and Wolf downed long-time tag champs Salem and De Skyes in a great match. This is good for three reasons: 1) It shakes up the tag team division and it''ll be nice to see the ex-champs chasing the gold for a change, 2) the rematch at Hallowickid should be awesome, AND 3) The post-match dissension would suggest that a Salem-Devlin feud is on the cards down the track. And THAT will be fun to watch, too.
Props to CRSM for wrestling twice on the day. He and Crofty had a solid bout and I was sad to learn this is Crofty's last match in a while as he's moving up to Queensland. So long, big fella, I'm gonna miss the scooter.
The tag match achieved everything it was supposed to do: Rage and Troy continued their feud, I got to take some shots at Rage's 80s-inspired ring outfit (love the Marty Janetty tassels, mate), Bishop played chickenshit heel and avoided facing Will wherever possible and, at the end, Bishop scored the shock pin on the champ. This sets up the former friends to face each other in the main event at Hallowickid on Sunday, October 28 at Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL. That means we're guaranteed a minimum TWO great matches on the day.
Add the 40-man, two-ring rumble battle royal and next month's supercard promises to be hyoooooge!
I'll be there and I'll be drunk. And loud. And obnoxious.

This is lucha wrestling! (part one)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is elite?

My new favourite wrestler...Mark "Sheiky" Williamson

8/9 Marrickville, NSW (PWA Elite "Victory" – 85): PWA Victorian Championship: Mikey Broderick b Fumanchu, Aurora b Jessie, Mike Valuable & Seth Rogers & Rob Foxx b Ashley Riot & Lightning Luke & Jak Arkham, Bishop Sommers b Crofty, A1GP Championship: Sean O'Shea b Champagne Pyro, Blakestone & Mark Williamson b Maverick & Striker, PWAE Heavyweight Championship: Ryan Eagles b Jass.

AFTER a week to think about it and mull things over, I can finally report to you that I enjoyed my first PWA Elite show.
The undercard was passable - better than AWF any day, sure - but not great. I liked Fumanchu's "so-not-Asian" Asian entourage. His match with Broderick went on for too long, but it was okay.
However, I hated Jessie and Mikey's poor dynamics as a face duo. Neither helped each other when they were being double-teamed during their respective bouts. What the hell was that all about?

The girls' bout was...EHH...what it was. Y'know...

Speaking of girls, the ring announcer is either the promoter's girlfriend or his sister. They're the only reasons I can think of for why she was allowed anywhere near a microphone on the night. Where was UWF's Trevor Singleton when we needed him? Nuff said.
The 6-man was a throwaway match. I didn't even realise half the dudes are UWA boys until Nick told me. Nothing wrong with it but nothing right with it either.
Ryan Eagles and his clique (these guys are BABYFACES, right?) came out for an interview which went hilariously haywire thanks to a dodgy microphone. Ryan soldiered on - restarting his interview over and over - for several minutes, when he really should have just given up. Still, it was amusing in a perverse way. Especially when he did the big angle, challenging "heckling ticket-holders" Blakestone and the always-entertaining Mark Williamson to step into the ring. This all led to the heel duo leaving and coming out later for a tag match.

The card really picked up when Crofty vs Bishop came on. I haven't laughed that hard - intentionally - during a wrestling bout in years. I feel the use of scooters in professional wrestling is sorely underrated. One of the greatest comedy matches I've ever seen.

The A1GP shoot title contest was confusing - the first five minutes was treated as a regular pro wrestling match and lost me (and most of the fans, I think). Things picked up when O'Shea and Pyro started kicking and punching the living crap out of each other. I appreciated the bout's stiffness, but it was bloody confusing.

A small point, but it needs to be made: most people in the audience (including myself) knew nothing of current PWAE storylines or even who most of the wrestlers were. Making available a free program (even just a cheap one-page photocopy) giving us a rundown of matches and the stories behind them, would've done wonders to help me keep track of what the hell was going on. Hey, Eagles, if EPW in Adelaide can do it, then so can PWAE, eh?

Blakestone and Mark Williamson are now my favourite tag team in Australia (sorry Dev & Salem). The match was fun (Mark eating Subway while Blakestone did all the work, then jumping in to score the pin was comedy gold). I also loved the punishment Blakestone dished out to the security guys/trainees after the bout. Ouch! Welcome to wrestling, boys.

The main event was pretty good - Jass is one of my favourite wrestlers in this country and he didn't disappoint in this bout. Eagles can go in the ring.
I just question the psychology: Jass is a heel and comes to the ring by himself. Eagles (with his two lovely shiny belts) comes to the ring with his two cronies O'Shea (with his lovely shiny belt) and Broderick (with his lovely shiny belt). And THEY are the faces. Eagles needs two other blokes to back him up in a fight with the heel. How fucked up is that?
Eagles won - hey, he's the booker, OK? - but Jass won over the hearts of every heel fan in attendance.

Aftewards, there was a huge clusterfuck of run-ins with everyone on the undercard brawling with each other in the ring. It was messy, pointless and over way too quick to mean anything.
It also annoyed me - everyone was willing to run in within seconds of the main event ending...but where were they when Striker and Maverick (not to mention the trainees) were getting beaten like dogs by "outsiders" Blakestone and Williamson earlier in the card? I hate that lack of internal logic.

Anyway, despite all my complaints - like I stated at the start of this report - I really DID enjoy this PWAE card.
"Elite"? I dunno about that, but it certainly got me jazzed enough to give the promotion a second try.
As long as Williamson and Blakestone are stiffing trainees on the card, then I'll be there.

Sean O'Shea juices for 85 fans. Greatness or madness? You decide

It's scooter-driven mayhem!

Invest in a microphone that works, Ryan. Or did you blow your budget on all them belts?

Nice view, Jessie. But wear a fuckin' G-string next time, OK?

Oh yeah, he's DEFINITELY Chinese

Friday, September 14, 2007

IWA on TV (episode 2) thoughts...

Rob, remember, silence is golden

I WATCHED the second ep during the week and I have to say the matches were a big improvement. Rob Matrix vs Steve Frost was good (Frost was ferocious and I like him as a tag team with Angus McLoud), the Mark Mercedes squash over the 300-wannabe clown served its purpose and the Johnny Dundas/Tyson Gibbs encounter was pretty cool.
Hey, I saw these matches live when they were taped back in March and I'd forgotten how enjoyable the bouts were.
Now to the bells and whistles.
The commentary doesn't do it for me. Tyrone works better as a heel colour commentator while Drago would be better suited in the babyface role doing straight play-by-play. Having their roles reversed is just weird.
The backstage vignettes were okay - hokey, camp but okay.
However...Rob, Rob, ROB! Do yourself (and us) a favour and DON'T do another interview, mate. Just let your actions do the talking in the ring.

That is all.

The glorious madness of WCW

Madusa vs Oklahoma (Ed Ferrara). They feuded over the WCW Cruiserweight title

THIS is possibly the greatest messageboard thread ever. I'd forgotten how insane WCW got between 1998-2001 until this post reminded me. Dave Meltzer is an unsung comic genius.

Sgt Stash (aka Van Hammer), part of the Misfits In Action faction

Thursday, September 13, 2007

THIS is wrestling! (part one)

Frank Gotch vs George Hackenschmidt

- pic gratefully purloined from Death Valley Driver Video Review Message Board

Monday, September 03, 2007

My better-late-than-fucking-never Adelaide rasslin' review

Masato Tanaka

Flamin' 'eck! Havok goes through the fiery table at the conclusion of the main event at EPW's Burning Tables

Havoc slams Jayson Cooper through a (non-burning) table

10/8 Adelaide, South Australia (International Assault Global Attack – 840): Greg Graham vs “Dirty” Dick Donovan – no contest, Robby Heart b Chris Vice, Damian Slater b J-Rock, Masato Tanaka b “Jag” Hartley Jackson and Bruce “Havoc” Mills, AWF Title: TNT b Kid Kash, Jayson Cooper b Spike Steele, WSW Title: Kidman b Heidenreich

IT’S rare that I get the chance to go to Adelaide, let alone check out some local wrestling while I’m there. Well, last month I managed to see TWO wrestling shows in two days.

Me and my old mate Kami caught International Assault Global Attack at the Thebby Theatre on the Friday, followed by EPW Burning Bridges at Cosgrove Hall the next night.

IAGA (for short) boasted four international superstars – former ECW world champ Masato Tanaka, Billy Kidman, Kid Kash and Heidenreich but, let’s face it, I was only going to see Tanaka in a three-way hard-core match against EPW veterans Jag and Havok.

It was a reasonably big crowd and, overall, the show was okay. The EPW Adelaide undercard workers didn’t disgrace themselves (which can’t be said for the AWF undercard at the IA shows on the east coast).

Graham and Donovan never got started as Heidenreich came to the ring and destroyed both youngsters to get him over as the mega-heel of the main event. No matter how hard Heidenreich tries – and he may genuinely be a nice guy – his ring work sucks and his mike skills suck even harder. The fact that the new LOD had to be carried by Animal speaks wonders about big Jon’s “skills”.

Heart vs Vice was a nice little bout, especially as I’d heard on the QT that Vice wasn’t all that. Well, he surprised me.

Slater and J-Rock was slower paced, but Slater impressed me (as he has every other time I’ve seen him in the past).

The pre-intermission “main event” was the three-way and it was easily the bout of the night. Tanaka took an ungodly amount of unnecessary damage (were all those chair shots to the noggin really necessary, Masato?) and got over huge with the crowd in the end.

The AWF title was disappointing. Kash spent way too long on the mike – what IS his obsession with men’s asses? – although by the end of it he had the locals pretty angry. Making kids cry and getting a bloke to storm the ring (where was security?) is kinda impressive. TNT wasn’t however. The Sydney promoter still hasn’t got the hang of being a babyface. And Greg, ya gotta stop brushing the hair out of your eyes every time you’re meant to sell your opponent’s move.

And either Kash dogged him or the two do NOT work well together. Either way, this match kinda stank.

Cooper and Steele’s bout was good but too short. Then again, it was designed solely to put Cooper over before Havok came out and beat the shit out of him to promote their flaming tables match the next night.

The main event was okay thanks to Kidman (who had his working boots on) and a lot of shortcuts using a ladder and other assorted weapons.

Like I said, an okay show, but nothing impressive. Frankly, the two things that stood out most to me on the night were Masato vs Jag vs Havok and the fact that some of the EPW wrestlers are massive dudes. Something in the Adelaide water, perhaps…

11/8 Clovelly Park, South Australia (EPW Adelaide – 200+): Elimination Challenge match 1 – Greg Graham b J-Rock, Elimination Challenge match 2 – Wreckin’ Ball Wilson b Ryan “Bones” Malone, Damian Slater b Chris Vice, “Jag” Hartley Jackson b Robby Heart, Elimination Challenge final – Wreckin' Ball Wilson b Greg Graham, Flaming Tables Match – Jayson Cooper b Bruce “Havok” Mills

Frankly, the EPW card blew away IAGA. The crowd was hot, even beforehand, possibly riled up by a budding feud between the kid in a Rey Misterio mask holding one belt and the kid in the Sting mask holding two belts (frankly, Rey Rey, you got owned by the Stinger).

There were a lot of mates in the audience there to support various wrestlers and it helped the crowd heat no end.

My fave new wrestler quickly became Wreckin’ Ball Wilson (seconded by “Dirty” Dick Donovan). While some guys chanted “Dick! Dick! Dick!” behind me, I kept singing out “Balls! Balls! Balls!” and “Leave my Balls alone!” and “You hurt my Balls!”…much to the embarrassment of Kami and his daughter Beth.

"Balls" and Dick

Slater vs Vice was slow-paced but enjoyable, Jag vs Robby Heart was excellent as was the quirky finish to the Elimination Challenge…where Dick KOed Graham behind the ref’s back right at the start of the bout, allowing Balls to earn the tainted victory. I’d already embarrassed myself further by running to the aisle and screaming at Balls, “I love you, Balls!” He turned to me and snarled, “I know you do!” Yep, a new hero is born.

After Balls left the ring, heel manager/commentator Benny English issued an open challenge to anyone out the back to face “Dirty” Dick.

Wayne "The Maniac" Mattei

The crowd immediately turned to the back and started chanting, “Wayne! Wayne! WayneWhich brought to the ring the hyooooooge figure of Wayne “The Maniac” Mattei, who beat the shite out of Dick till Jag hit the ring to challenge Wayne to a match at the next EPW show. The Maniac, a former security guy who will be working his first singles bout, accepted the challenge by chokeslamming Jag, much to the delight of the fans. Wayne is clearly the 911 of EPW. But can he work a real match? Can the extremely talented Jag carry the big guy to a decent match? I guess local fans will find out next month.

The main event was, simply put, FUCKING FANTASTIC. Jayson Cooper is bloody impressive and I’ve always had a high opinion of Havok. They worked more than 20 minutes, threw in a lot of swerves (one table got lighter fluid poured on it, but Cooper got put through the table before it was set on fire, then another table got set on fire, but Jag put it out with a fire extinguisher just moments before Cooper put Havok through the table) and beat the living shite out of each other in one of the best local live bouts I’ve ever witnessed. My fave moment came right at the end when a groggy Cooper climbed a ladder while Havok was pouring lighter fluid on the third table. Havoc looked up, saw Cooper and snapped, “What the FUCK are you doing?!” He then climbed the ladder, but the EPW commish Tom Chocolate lit the table while his back was turned and Cooper clobbered Havok with a garbage can, sending Bruce through the table and ending the bout. Like I said, fucking fantastic.

EPW Adelaide impressed the hell out of me on August 11. The matches were great; the wrestlers have talent and personality; there’s a good mix of brawling, technical wrestling and high-flying; the angles make sense; and each bout builds logically towards the next card. These guys are doing everything right – the solid crowd numbers they’re drawing and heat they’re generating proves it.

If you wanna learn more about EPW, head to

They're dropping like flies out there...

CRUSH...Karl Gotch...Missing Link...Tor Kamata...

I'm almost afraid to open up each morning to see who's the next to die.

Frankly, Raven Mack writes far more eloquently on this topic here. So read it.